Poetry as a Lure in Art: Trends in Art Exhibitions

Society at large often imagines poetry as quiet, staid, the realm of reserved, wan folks who wear black and covet berets, but an odd trend has arisen in the art world; traditional art spaces now include poetry.

Journalist and poet Daniel Penny recently published a remarkable article, ‘The Irrelevant and the Contemporary’, that explores the melding of physical and performance art with written word pieces. This trend likely does not surprise any serious or even casual poets. Poetry is, after all, the tactile, the sensual, the sensory, the emotional transformed into words. Making the journey from word back to form is an easy one.

Using several contemporary examples, Penny explores this process and attempts to answer the question “why poetry – why now?”. For anyone interested in the evolution of different art forms, the article is a wonderful read. It also provides an intriguing list of modern artists and exhibits to explore.


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