How Many Boxes of Books Is Too Many?

So many books.

Nine. The answer is nine. More, if I’m the only one trying to carry them.

Like it is a minor trauma, I always forget how many books I have until it is time to move them. Well, it’s moving time again. And I’ve remembered.

This does serve as a lovely reminder that I should probably start lifting weights or doing something to make sure that my arms don’t completely atrophy. Who knew that typing wasn’t a wonderful upper body workout?

May your Saturday be filled with somewhat fewer boxes.



16 thoughts on “How Many Boxes of Books Is Too Many?

  1. I have more than nine boxes. I had so many on moving day, I made sure they went in first so no one could say.. no room! I had to leave an 80’s Schwinn Cruiser with gold rims and a lawn mower behind, but I had my books! (Kind of regret the cruiser and the mower…. no.. I made the right choice.. I think. lol

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  2. If all you own are 9 boxes of books, you need to start shopping. I have a hard time parting with anything that is hard cover unless it was exceptionally bad. Paperbacks on the other hand are more of a disposable commodity. Many end up as a donation to our local “Friends Of The Library” store. I think I own at least 60 books I have not yet read. (but I will)

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    1. I am always happy to buy more books! (Though I’ll probably need some more bookshelves to go with them…but I suppose the second bedroom can handle the extra furniture.)

      Most of the books I’m waiting to read are digital, so I don’t have a great count of them, which is probably for the best. I’d feel guilty if I knew just how many books were waiting around feeling unloved.


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