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Writing Week in Review: 8/20-8/26


Another week gone, another several thousand words written. This draft is really starting to come together as a story. In the early stages of writing a manuscript, I don’t typically write in chronological order, which means quite a few gaps tend to exist, but I’ve reached the point where those gaps are becoming smaller and smaller, and I can begin to pay more attention to the overall story arc. (I still have to prevent myself from editing while writing though. Down that path lies only madness. And a never completed story.)

New Word Count Goal: 5000

Starting Word Count:37101

Ending Word Count: 42245

Total New Word Count: 5144

Percent Goal Achieved: 103%

I hope your weekend is off to a lovely start and is full of reading, writing, and enjoying the swan song of summer!


11 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 8/20-8/26

  1. Several thousand words? Wow! You go girl! 103% is a sure sign that you’re an overachiever, and I’m jealous LOL. I have only recently, say in the last few years, allowed myself to write in a non-chronological order. It used to be my “writer’s OCD” would not allow me to in my ridiculous meticulousness , but that method is yet another necessary option for the determined writer. I’m happy you’re in a great groove, kicking major literary booty. Keep it up, Kristen!

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