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Free Online Resources: Grammar and Writing

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Like any good grammar junkie, I keep a list of resources for when questions arise about the English language. The following are some free sites that I find myself referring to time and time again. They have been so helpful over the years that it would feel stingy not to share them.

OWL: The Purdue Online Writing Lab

Purdue University has a wonderful set of online materials aimed at helping people improve their writing. Though some parts of the lab are dedicated specifically to Purdue students, many of them are more broadly applicable. The sections on grammar and the writing process are particularly good.

Amherst College’s Online Resources for Writers

Amherst College has also curated a lovely set of writing resources. Its collection features an aggregation of essays from wonderful places. One of my favorite pages discusses obstacles to writing, which has great features on anxiety and procrastination.


For questions about word use, Grammarist is a great resource. The website is constantly growing and adding information about the English language and grammar.

Paul Brians’s Common Errors in English Usage

Paul Brians has created a fabulous site about the most common mistakes writers make. The site can be a bit difficult to navigate, but it is a great way to answer tough language questions.

Mignon Fogarty’s Grammar Girl Site

Grammar Girl offers short tips and easy guidelines about grammar, punctuation, and writing style. Because this site is technically a part of, it can be a little difficult to find some of the information available. Regardless, she provides excellent information. For some of her more popular discussions, see her writing on affect versus effect and quotation marks.

Oxford Dictionaries: Grammar

How could I write about online grammar guides without talking about the Oxford Dictionaries? Though the site can be overwhelming to beginners, it provides a thorough exploration of all aspects of the English language.


Other Grammar Resources

Grammarphobia – Information on grammar, etymology, and word usage

Guide to Grammar and Style – Grammar rules, explanations, and discussions of style – Tips for writing in basic English

The Punctuation Guide – A guide to American punctuation

Punctuation Marks – More information about using punctuation in English

These are the online sources I use, but I know that I missing other fantastic options. If you know of other handy sites, I would love to hear about them! After all, questions about comma splices and word use will no doubt remain an integral part of my future.


*Note that I plan to update this page periodically, so you can look forward to forthcoming additions.


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