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Writing Week in Review: 9/3-9/9



I have a confession to make. I cheated on my main writing project this week. It was bound to happen sooner or later – the more I write the more things I want to write – but I wish the biting urge had held off for a little bit longer. Though it was tempting, I did not include anything written for that secondary story in this week’s word count. (If I had, that truly would have been cheating. Untenable. I never would have forgiven myself.) Regardless, I still managed to add more to my novel experiment.

New Word Count Goal: 5000

Starting Word Count: 47310

Ending Word Count: 52627

Total New Word Count: 5317

Percent Goal Achieved: 106%

Though I know that plenty of people write multiple drafts at once, I always get nervous when I have several first drafts being composed together. It is too easy to lose track of one project and let it fall by the wayside. (Working on multiple projects that are each indifferent stages is another, much better matter entirely.) Luckily these weekly updates keep me accountable for progress, so I don’t allow myself to get too distracted.

Now on to next week!


4 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 9/3-9/9

  1. I love this idea of posting weekly updates and logging your word counts. I’m with you on the writing of multiple drafts. I have too many ideas and actually struggle to focus on one if i’m working on many.
    Congrats on meeting your target. 🙂

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