Writing under Watchful Eyes

Writing doesn’t always come easily, and today I find myself in need of a taskmaster. This little owl seems like the best one I can hope to find. Luckily his gaze is stern enough to work on multiple people at a time, so if you are like me and currently hitting a writing wall, just think of this owlet sitting on your pen (or laptop).

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Even though I know that writing comes in ebbs and flows – motivation isn’t a constant after all – I’m always surprised when putting words down feels like a slog. I tend to deal with these phases by simply writing through them, but I always hope I’ll come up with a better solution. Other than relying on the stern gaze of Mr. Owl, how do you overcome writing doldrums? Do you take breaks in your writing schedule, ignore the mental shifts, or do something else entirely?

(Of course, please don’t really find a house owl. He’ll hide dead mice all over your home, tear holes in your furniture, and scowl at you for your lack of feathers. And oh, the cruel writing critiques he’ll give you.)


11 thoughts on “Writing under Watchful Eyes

  1. While I think the owl would be a more interesting (and definitely cute!) motivator – my husband finds that if he switches between stories he’s writing that have completely different styles – it tends to break up the “grind” of writing for him, or so he tells me.

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    1. I wish he was mine, but sadly not! (Which is probably for the best; I suspect he would like more freedom than my apartment can offer.)

      I haven’t gotten around to naming my bamboo, and now I’m feeling a bit guilty. What if he thinks I don’t love him? I’ll have to get on resolving that.


  2. I set myself mini-goals eg if I write 250 words I make myself a cup of tea, another 250 words and I have a (healthy) snack etc. It works when I’m really struggling with the blank page and then I find, after I’ve got 500 or so words down, it all becomes a lot easier 🙂 Walking is also great for clearing my head.

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