Writing Week in Review: 9/24-9/30


Let it never be said that writing is anything other than work. It can sometimes be easy, oftentimes difficult, but it is always work.

As you may have gathered from my earlier post about needing a taskmaster, writing took a little extra out of me this week. I could blame my day job – I was testing out financial modeling – or the presence of a giant spider – it took over the balcony and is currently waiting to devour me – but I think I’m simply at the stage in my little novel experiment where I have to make hard decisions.

And that takes work.

I’m still stitching together several POVs, editing, and doing narrative reconstruction, and I love all of those things. It feels rewarding to be able to look back and say that I improved the piece. It feels rewarding to reread a scene and not immediately want to toss my laptop out the window and into the giant spider’s maw. But moments are still mentally and emotionally taxing. Some scenes have to go. Other scenes have to be rewritten. I have to step outside of myself and try and read the writing as though I haven’t lived in it, dreamed of it, cursed at it for the past several months. If I were a more realistic person, I would elongate my timeline for this project and let the manuscript rest, But I intended for this experiment to be a writing speed run, and I’m not going to deviate from my course now.

Despite my minor whining, I don’t hate my manuscript in its current incarnation. Sometimes I think it isn’t bad at all. (And knowing me, “not hating” and “isn’t bad” are probably the closest things to compliments that I’ll ever give the darn thing.)

Regardless, I hope your writing is in a slightly more pleasant place than mine! And if it isn’t, know that I am commiserating with you in spirit.


11 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 9/24-9/30

  1. “I hope your writing is in a slightly more pleasant place than mine!”

    Well, not really. I’m facing a deadline for my next Mac McClellan mystery and I’m about halfway there. However, a couple of my characters have decided to go in directions I hadn’t thought of, so I’ve had to stop, go back, and rewrite or rearrange scenes to accommodate their whims. Sometime I wish I could outline instead of “winging” it as I go. Seems like a nice, well-planned outline would be the way to go, but I CAN’T outline. So, I suffer along. Poor me. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in the boat! 🙂

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    1. Deadline pushes are always rough. I think that outlines are wonderful as a concept, but in practice, they get changed just as often as winging it does.

      (And on a more selfish note, I’m excited that the next McClellan book is coming along. Editing may be a struggle for the writer, but for the reader, it just means that they are a step closer to having a new book in hand.)

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    1. I don’t know if I’ve quite earned respect yet, but thank you! It’s a psychological thriller about a woman whose husband recently escaped from prison. (I’m still working on the snappy version of summary. It’s more difficult than I would have thought!)

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  2. Sympathy … empathy … an a hitherto unrequited wish to feed a manuscript to a spider the size of King Kong. We do torture ourselves. Masochistic bunch that we are, it continues, regardless of our conscious wishing for an out. a trip to the south pole, re-inventing the quill and using papyrus to write on. We write because we must. However, at least we are permitted an advance peep into hell, a slide show of what it surely must be like. I mean seriously it can’t be any worse than this writing gig … Can it?

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