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Writing Week in Review: 10/1-10/7


While editing my novel experiment, I discovered something a bit unexpected; one of my characters was a sap.

A little bit of sweetness is fine in a character, and it is wonderful for them to show emotion. But this character verged on saccharine. And she shouldn’t have. As a result, I’ve had to rework her scenes quite a bit. It needed to be done, and the results are coming along nicely.

Luckily I’ve found several of my other characters to be much more manageable. So far during this round of editing, I’ve worked my way through about a third of the story. Though I would love to go through it a bit faster, sometimes these things just take time.

I’ll probably spend some time on this hurricane adjacent weekend continuing the edit process. For those of you who are like me and on the US’s East Coast, I hope you stay safe and dry.


13 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 10/1-10/7

    1. Thank you! As long as there isn’t too much flooding, my area should be okay.

      The ‘goodness’ definitely went overboard with this character, and rewriting those scenes was painful. (I was very tempted to just burn it all.)


  1. I wanted Caught to be out in May. Struggles with an editor caused me to push to September. Struggles with my own editing cost me till..well..I’m hoping November. But delivering a bad book in any timeline is ultimately a waste of time. Remember, you’re fighting for the book, and it deserves every effort.

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    1. I’ll keep that in mind! I agree with you that it is certainly much better to work through all of the editing process than to deliver a book that you know isn’t anywhere near in the shape it could be.

      And congrats on the upcoming release! I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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  2. I love following your weekly updates on your experiment! It’s goo to hear that this round of editing is going well even if one of the characters is being a little more pesky than the rest.

    Stay safe out there in the storm!

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  3. Characters are our creation and we need to be careful with them. We are like god to them but the difference is God gives us form and let’s us establish our traits on our own. And we writers have to establish .the feelings and character of the person we create. We make them from inside and outside.
    I also feel that sometimes its a hard job we can end up making a character too sweet or sour than agreeable. And after that we have to change everything we made but once we are done it becomes really good. Keep Writing!!!

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