Writing Contest: StoryQuarterly’s Fiction Prize, $1000 Award

For those of you with a short story ready for publication, StoryQuarterly, a literary magazine out of the University of Rutgers-Camden, is holding its sixth annual Fiction Prize. The winner of the prize will receive $1000, and the top 3 entrants will be published in an upcoming edition of the magazine. Fiction up to 6250 words long will be accepted into the contest.

In the past, StoryQuarterly has published authors like Margaret Atwood, Lydia Davis, Mark Doty, and Joyce Carol Oates, and works from it have won the Pushcart Prize. It’s a very good albeit competitive magazine and would be a great way for an upcoming author to have his/her name brought to the attention of literary circles.

The contest closes this Saturday night (October 15, 2016), so if you are interested in entering, check out the following page for more details: https://storyquarterly.submittable.com/submit/62877/2016-storyquarterly-fiction-prize

This contest deadline snuck up on me, so I’m sorry for sharing it so late. Best of luck if you have a chance to enter!



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