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Writing Contest: Tethered by Letters, $1000 Prize


Though I’m sure many of you already have busy weekends planned, I want to share another great writing contest. Tethered by Letters, a nonprofit literary group out of Denver, Colorado, is hosting its F(r)iction Fall Literary Competition. Participants can submit works to the short story, flash fiction, or poetry categories, and judges are Matt Gallagher, Sari Wilson, and Ken Arkind respectively. The winner of the short story category will receive $1000, and winners of the other two categories will receive $300 each. Winners will also be published in the Spring 2017 issue of the F(r)iction magazine.

The submission for deadline is November 15, so if this contest interests you, check out the guidelines at

Full disclosure that I’m a big fan of Tethered by Letters and the work that they do. As a nonprofit, they offer resources to high schools and colleges, have a stellar internship program in the publishing industry, and teach literacy in the Denver Prison System. They also work with the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, Girls Write Now, and the Veteran Writing Project, which are all great programs that help individuals use writing to cope with difficult situations.

Best of luck to anyone who enters, and even if writing contests aren’t your cup of tea, I encourage you to explore the Tethered by Letters website. It truly is a wonderful resource. (For those new to writing, I highly suggest participating in the group’s Free Editing Program.)


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The header was shameless borrowed from the Tethered by Letters website,, on October 28, 2016.


7 thoughts on “Writing Contest: Tethered by Letters, $1000 Prize

    1. They can be wonderful opportunities! Unfortunately there are also some less than scrupulous individuals who run some of them. If you look into the ones in India, I suggest making sure they are run through established literary magazines. Often good ones in the US go through universities, nonprofit organizations, or vetted magazines.

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