Wearing Words on Your Neck: Book Jewelry

Single Book Necklace.PNG

People often keep books close to the hearts in a metaphorical sense, but there are ways to literally keep books near the body as well. Peg and Awl, a small shop based out of Philadelphia, creates necklace that also function as working books or journals.

The pieces of jewelry are…not cheap – the smallest one costs $38 – but they are of good quality and could be a great gifts for book lovers. Walter and Margaux, the shop’s owners, handcraft each piece using drawing paper and leather that has been reclaimed from items like Victorian doctor bags, antique wallets, and vintage sofas. Though the pieces are very small, you could actually write in them if you wanted to. I would not, however, recommend trying to fit an entire story into one unless your handwriting is very precise and very tiny. (And your reader has a magnifying glass.) If you planned to give one as a gift though, you could certainly fit a note to that person within the book’s pages. That could transform the piece into a sentimental keepsake instead of keeping it as a simple present.

Though items like this fall outside of my typical purview, they charmed me, and I couldn’t help but share them with you. Besides we are now approaching a gift giving season, so it doesn’t seem too inappropriate.

Stacked Book Necklace.PNG

Book Necklaces.PNG


Image Attributions: All images are from Peg and Awl,, 11/15/2016.


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