Writing Week in Review: 11/19-11/25

As I’m sure was the case for many of you, this week I planned my writing around the holiday (and around gorging). This means that I spent the early portion of the week doing most of the editing work on my novel experiment – why does editing always seem to take so long? – and then spent the latter portion rolling around in piles of turkey and pie while men in shoulder pads tackled each other on tv.

These are the things of which dreams are made, truly.

But now I suppose it is time to slip back into my usual schedule. I hope that those of you who are also on the American holiday schedule enjoyed a bit of a rest and perhaps even purchased a cheap book or two.

And I hope that no one was attacked by turkeys of course. That is always a risk during the holidays.



18 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 11/19-11/25

    1. That is shorthand that I use to describe my current writing project. (I really need to get better at explaining things like that in the post.) Way back in July, I decided to fast track one of my in progress novels in order to have it published before January 1. I’m typically a slow editor, so for me, this new schedule is highly experimental. The writing itself is much less avant-garde.

      If you are feeling so inclined, you can read a bit more about it here: https://kristentwardowski.wordpress.com/2016/07/30/a-novel-experiment/

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  1. Ah… editing. I’ve learnt that is the most important and demanding part of the writing process. Hope yours is going well! We’re trying to avoid book sales at present on acount of having bought rather too many books at the start of the month and forgetting just HOW expensive Christmas is with 2 large families to buy for… Have a great week:)
    My Sunday Post – https://sjhigbee.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/sunday-post-27th-november-2016/

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    1. Thank you! Christmas shopping can be such a struggle. It is always tempting to add just one more thing, and then another, and another to someone’s Christmas stocking. (My bank account would really prefer I retrain myself.)

      I hope you have a wonderful week as well!

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