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Free Online Webinar and Editor Q&A Session

(I’m reposting this today just to make sure that anyone who missed the announcement last Sunday will still have a chance to sign up.)

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Unless a writer is self-publishing, an editor will play a powerful role in shaping his or her book, but most of us aren’t entirely sure how an editor chooses a book or improves a novel. Through its Writers’ Academy, Penguin Random House is offering a great opportunity to clarify all of those points.

On Monday, December 12 at 6:00pm (UK time), the group will be hosting a free online session called “Behind the Bestseller: Editor Q&A Webinar”. The event will discuss a variety of publishing related tidbits, including what makes a manuscript shine even in the slush pile, how editors identify potential bestsellers, and what role editors play throughout a book’s maturation. There will also be time for participants to ask Jocasta Hamilton, Hutchinson’s Publishing Director, questions. Jocasta has worked with authors like Robert Harris, Amor Towles, Sebastian Faulks, and Carys Bray, so this is a wonderful opportunity to receive some insight from an established editor. (And back in October, she also acquired Swan Song and offered writer Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott a six-figure deal for rights to the work. Hamilton is very much playing in the big leagues.)

If this webinar sounds interesting to you, be sure to sign up by clicking here. Assuming I can make the timing work with my lunch break, I’ll definitely be joining the session. If you are currently based outside of the UK, make sure to take into account any timezone differences! It can be easy to make a time conversion mistake.

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19 thoughts on “Free Online Webinar and Editor Q&A Session

    1. Oh, that is too bad! The time is suboptimal for a lot of people, I imagine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say that the webinar is being recorded, but there is an option to telephone in, so you could try to do it that way. I’m sorry I can’t be more help!

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  1. First, I take exception to the first sentence… ANY writer, self-published or not, can use the assistance of an editor to make his/her novel better. I am self-published and I use a professional editor to make my story better. Having got that of my chest, I look forward to the session on the 12th, it will be at about 1pm my time in the US.

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    1. You’re definitely right that all readers need a good editor! But I would argue that editors that work for the press that is publishing a book have more influence than independent editors. They simply have different roles.

      Regardless, I’m glad that Hamilton is participating in the webinar. I’m eager to hear what she has to say.


  2. Hi. Firstly, thank you so much for the follow and like over on my humble blog – I’ll follow you right back, after finishing this comment. Secondly, any chance that you know how long the webinar will last? I’m in a lecture until 6pm and it’ll take me a good 20mins to get home. In the same vein, I don’t suppose there have been any updates regarding recording it?
    Thank you again! 🙂

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    1. Hi, Rachael! It looks like the webinar lasts for an hour (so 6-7 UK time and 1-2 US EST). Unfortunately I haven’t heard about recording it, which is a pity. Luckily they put on these webinars fairly regularly, so if you miss this one, you may be able to catch one in the future.

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