Writing Week in Review: 12/17-12/23


As I mentioned last week, I am in something of a holding pattern in terms of writing. I won’t be focusing seriously on my next book project until the start of the new year.

Despite all of that, I have been doing some writing adjacent things. In particular, I’ve begun delving into research for my next project. It has been fascinating to explore different source materials, and I’m excited to incorporate some of the information into my own writing.

In other big news this week, I have finally, finally, finished organizing my blogging email inbox. A single ray of light shot down from the heavens onto my laptop when it happened. Mind you, it will all be a mess again by the time January begins, but for these few precious moments, it is a beautiful sight to behold.

With that, I hope that all of you are enjoying the weekend. If you celebrate the holiday, may it be a wonderful several days full of exactly whatever you need. (And if you are in the American Midwest, stay warm. I hear there may be a storm heading your way.)


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