Writing Week in Review: 12/24-12/30

As I suggested in my last update, my writing schedule was very casual this week. Taking breaks is good for everyone after all. However, I did imagine that I would work a little here and there on the next manuscript I had sketched out.

Of course the best laid schemes of mice and men…

Instead of continuing to lazily draft my current work in progress, my brain decided it would be a good idea to start a draft of another book. So now I have started two potential first drafts of very different stories that are currently close to the same length. Sometime within the next week, I’ll have to decide what I want to do about that, if I want to let one of the drafts wait, or if I want to work on the two simultaneously.

At least I will get to start 2017 with options.

Regardless, I hope that you all have a happy New Year as well and celebrate in whatever way works for you! (A local brewery is hosting a dog friendly party that I may end up going to, but we shall see.)


16 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 12/24-12/30

  1. Where would we be without spontaneous inspiration? Good luck with your choice! By the way, any party with “dog friendly” in the title sounds worth a shot, at least to an overly enthusiastic dog lover like myself. Happy New Year!

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  2. Happy New Year, Kristen, and best of luck on all your creative endeavors. You’re one of my absolute favorite bloggers (I don’t have a lot of leisure time for reading blogs but I always read yours for enlightenment and inspiration!) Thanks for following mine as well. Onward to 2017!

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