Writing Week in Review: 12/31-1/6

Last week I mentioned that I had unexpectedly found myself with two partial works in progress to start off 2017. This left me with a bit of a conundrum: should I keep both as active drafts or set one aside until the other is finished? Though I am not a creature who typical has multiple projects moving at once, I’ve decided to let these drafts evolve naturally. As you can see from the numbers below, this week one draft in particular held my interest.

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5000
New Words for Modern Mythology: 576
New Words for Coming of Age: 7262
Total New Words Written: 7838

The two works in progress are very different. The one that I began back in December is a modern take on mythology, and the other is a coming of age story, which is not a type of story I ever saw myself writing. Sometimes, though, writing makes us stretch the ways in which we think about ourselves.

As with last season, I’ll be keeping my weekly writing goal to 5000 new words. That amount seems to be sustainable for me, and since I very much would like to avoid burnout, it is a good goal.

I hope that your writing is also going well. If you have an specific hopes for writing in the New Year, I would love to hear about them. How other people write never stops fascinating me.



22 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 12/31-1/6

    1. Writing two at once may all fall apart, who knows? But it is interesting to see how the process works.

      As for the word count, Modern Mythology is sitting at about 11700 words, and Coming of Age is at about 12200. They are both still in baby draft stages!

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    1. I am riding two completely different things on my blog at the same time. I have a science fiction fantasy series, which is all new to me. I also have my second book I am publishing as a series as well. On top of this, I read blog articles and blog post of interest from other sources. I love blogging as a form of expression, and have a new daily column called Positive Perspective. Your goal sound awesome, I will be following your progress. I also like the idea of reviewing your writing each week. I think that’s interesting. I am not focusing on word count so much as I am being more clear about communicating what it is I’m trying to say when I write.

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      1. Communicating clearly is a great goal to have! And it’s one that I think a lot of writer’s could work on. It sounds that you have a lot of different writing on your plate at the moment, so you have lots of chances to stretch your wings.

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      2. I’m learning to channel my mania depression, and sleeplessness. Thankfully they don’t hit me all at once, and I am finding that each type of writing I do feeds each need. My Positive Perspective series has honestly become the foundation for the rest of my writing. Except for the writing and publishing as a series my second book, I plan to try and keep even my roughest experiences turned in a positive direction. I’m learning it is absolutely impossible to have a positive experience without the negative. One cannot know what he wants no more of if a bit of contrast doesn’t fall their way. Happy writing in 2017

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    1. Having two at once is certainly an experiment for me. It may turn out that I have to set one aside for a bit because of exactly those things that you mentioned, but since I haven’t really tried it before, it will be interesting to discover how my brain reacts.

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      1. That special bond. Not to pry, but do you also not have those built-in distractions like a spouse and children? Pets? Plants LOL. Obviously the worst mental energy drainer being a day job. I know for me to achieve the consistency and discipline to produce novel length work I would have to forsake all else, shun my family and avoid entertainment. Sounds crazy but that’s what my wayward mind would require. Smh.

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      2. Having no children definitely helps! And my partner is very used to taking care of himself, so he doesn’t mind if I ignore him for fairly long stretches of time. I’m also lucky that my day job involves primarily numbers rather than writing. I think that if I used the same bits of my brain in both parts of my life, it would be much harder to write creatively.

        And different minds require different degrees of focus! I’m one of those weirdos who finds it much easier to write a first draft; I only get snarly and require silence and solitude when revising and editing. We are all lucky that there is no single “correct” way to go about writing.

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      3. Numbers vs words, that is a nice balance, though it seems number crunching could still be a drain if not a strain on these eyes after 8 hours. But your eyes are a bit younger 🙂 I figure once both remaining kids are gone I’ll have plenty built up for novel stuff to jump into and hit the ground running (I’ll be 50 by then LOL). In the meantime it’s shorter works and a very slow crawl on a couple novels in progress. Essentially I’m paying the price for not doing more in those bachelor years if my 20s. Sigh.

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  1. I agree with the reasonable word count goal and like the idea of labelling them “new words”. It leaves the possibility to add a category of “edited words”, which might be a double goal I’d set myself as I have one work half done and others – short stories – whizzing around in my head and wanting to get out.

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