Writing Week in Review: 1/7-1/13


This week was an odd one for writing because it began with a few days of being snowed in. Normally I wouldn’t have minded – wintry days are perfect ones for curling up with a story idea – but not being able to go into the office early in the week meant being busier later. (The season of rebudget is upon us.) I managed to meet my new word goal this week, but I was exceedingly grumbly about it as I neared the deadline.

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5000
New Words for Modern Mythology: 853
New Words for Coming of Age: 4312
Total New Words Written: 5165

Now that the thaw has come and budget madness has eased up I am hoping that next week will be a bit more relaxed. We shall see!


9 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 1/7-1/13

  1. Hm. Bad luck with the snow – it can stay well and truly on Christmas cards and seasonal paintings as far as I’m concerned. And I’m fascinated to see you still managing to turn in respectable word counts on each of your current projects:).

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