Writing Week in Review: 1/14-1/20


I have this terrible habit of writing a portion of the draft and knowing that it probably won’t make it to the final manuscript. Mind you, that doesn’t stop me. I typically keep writing and simply acknowledge that I will see the paragraphs again someday as they hit the cutting room floor. This week was filled with that terrible habit.

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5000
New Words for Modern Mythology: 378
New Words for Coming of Age: 4859
Total New Words Written: 5237

So I did meet my 5000 new word goal, but it is unclear how many of those words will appear in the final product. I should probably mind the ‘wasted’ effort more than I do, but if nothing else, writing these invisible portions of who my characters are and what kind of world they live in.

And who knows? Maybe this week I’ll write some words with a bit more staying power.

Greater miracles have happened.


19 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 1/14-1/20

    1. I wish that method worked for me! Unfortunately I need to have a measurable goal in order to keep myself motivated. I certainly allow myself to write more than that goal though. And sometimes writing sections that I know will end up being cut helps me to more fully realize character backgrounds and the world as a whole. It works out in the end.


  1. I love how every author has their own ‘way’. You enjoy the word count and new words. One of my favorite authors writes two hours a day, counting on hours vs words. Isn’t it wonderful to find a niche! And, yours works beautifully as you are a very good writer.

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  2. I don’t believe in wasted words. I do a lot of writing things I know I’ll rewrite, but in that crap is a bit of what I need. Some idea that I know needs to be pondered or considered more. Then, when I’m revising, those words reveal what I need. It makes the revision process longer, but I think I’m a lot better once I have something in front of me to consider.

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  3. I agree with MLS. Sometimes the important thing is to keep writing.The words might get cut later but getting those initial words down is a vital part of the process. Sometimes when we don’t push through we start to doubt ourselves more and more and there is danger of stopping writing completely. Write now, worry about what’s going to get cut later.

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