Library Ladies and Guest Posts


Have you ever wondered what librarians do when they aren’t working? The answer may not surprise you; they read books. Loads of them. Piles. Stacks as big as an elephant. I’ve recently had the pleasure of collaborating with two such voracious librarians at The Library Ladies.

Kate and Serena  were kind enough to invite me to do a guest post. (Kate also wrote a very thoughtful review of When We Go Missing.)

Kate also has some interesting insight into some psychological studies. She says,

“During my time studying psychology in my high school and college careers, there were a number of case studies that freaked me out. Be it because of ethical problems (The Milgram Experiment), animal cruelty (Harlow Monkey Experiment), or just flat out human terribleness (The Stanford Prison Experiment), many studies have told us a lot, but have ridiculous messed up connotations. But one that seems perfect for a horror story is the Rosenhan Experiment, where non-mentally ill people faked symptoms to get inside mental institutions… and then found it pretty near impossible to get out, even when they stopped reporting symptoms.”

And knowing info like that makes her a great reviewer.

You should pop over and check out their site. They write really nuanced reviews about young adult fiction, thrillers, graphic novels, and more! (And they aren’t afraid to tell you when a book is terrible, which I respect.)


14 thoughts on “Library Ladies and Guest Posts

  1. The way you describe why you write is how I feel about why I paint. I am always looking for that picture that communicates a message to the viewer. Not always easy. I did a painting on “black lives matter”. I felt good about the piece and it was interesting to watch people’s reaction. I try to capture diversity in what I paint. I have so many ideas. As you described I get pulled in another direction to paint because I see a message but I must stay the course on what I am painting now.

    PS. I love books. Will check yours out.

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  2. It’s funny because my first library job (shelving) was in a library where few of the librarians read that much. Realizing that I was more obsessed with books and reading than the professionals around me made me decide on a library career myself.

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