Writing Week in Review: 1/21-1/27


Some weeks are all about writing, and other weeks are heavier on the other other types of work that go into creating a piece of fiction. This past week fell into the latter category.

I spent several days researching various bits of information related to the modern mythology project that I’m working on. (I really will have to start thinking of names for these pieces at some point. Shareable names, at any rate.) That focus emerged in the words I typed as well. One day I made a cursory attempt to take a peek at the coming of age story and then realized that I would be much more productive sticking with mythology for the week.

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5000
New Words for Modern Mythology: 5129
New Words for Coming of Age: 27
Total New Words Written: 5156

I don’t feel too guilty about focusing more on myths than reality though. For me, the entire point of having two works in progress is having the flexibility to choose which one I want to focus on at a given time. It has never meant that I have to work on both equally. (Thank goodness. I don’t think more poor brain could handle it otherwise.)

Regardless, may your weekend be wonderful and filled with legends, or life, or something in between.


5 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 1/21-1/27

  1. Well done – I’m so impressed that you are able to continue to sustain your progress on both WIPs alongside each other! This week-end I’ve finally managed to get back to my rewrite and made significant progress, which is pleasing:).

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