Writing Week in Review: 1/28-2/3


I’ve recently had to pause one of my writing projects. I tend not to discuss the contents of my various works in progress because drafts can change drastically over their lives. It feels like I am jinxing myself when I provide too many details. However, I feel compelled to explain why I am letting one WIP rest for now.

Around the start of the year I mentioned that I was inspired to begin writing a coming of age story. What I didn’t say was that the narrative deals with the early 1990’s and a family that immigrates from the former Yugoslavia to the United States as refugees. I’ve known several people who came to the US under those circumstances. Some of them became good friends of mine. Regardless of that personal connection, most of the people I know immigrated over 20 years ago. There was time to reflect. There was distance.

Last week eliminated that distance.

As most of the world knows, the United States government recently released horrific orders to deny the entrance of refugees from many countries in the Middle East. To say that I am struggling with how to process these events is an understatement. Writing about immigration and the complex experience of refugees is vital now more than ever, but given current circumstances, I feel the need to step back and reconsider the narrative I want to tell. When we write about the past, we often are writing about our present as well after all.

So that manuscript will rest. The wait won’t hurt it any, and hopefully when I return to it, I will have more focus.

Of course all of this is theory for right now. I think that stepping  away for a moment will help me. That is what I think. But sometimes when emotions and adrenaline run high odd things crop up in my works in progress. Time will tell.

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5000
Total New Words for Modern Mythology: 5244


14 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 1/28-2/3

  1. I have been going through something similar with one of my WIP’s, I started editing and re-writing an old project and found some disturbing similarities between it and current events. I haven’t decided if my emotional connection will help or hurt the piece, so I’m treading lightly. I’ve struggled to focus on my writing at all lately. I just hope your friends know that they are loved and wanted. Writing about these things helps break down barriers and remind people that we are not so different. Keep up the good work.

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      1. No, not easy at all. It’s been a difficult time in general, I just keep trying to remind myself that there is power in the written word. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from stories when I didn’t expect it. Perhaps someday our words will help others understand something different than what they are accustomed to as well.

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  2. There can be lots of valid reasons for stepping away from a manuscript. I’ve made a decision to let an already completed manuscript (3 drafts down) go because the central plot just doesn’t work. It’s always hard to let a story go but I think for you, in this circumstance, the decision is the right one for now. What you’ve already got down will always be there when the time is right to go back to it.

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    1. Very true. Sometimes manuscripts need to rest either temporarily or for a more extended time. It can still be hard though. I’m impressed with your ability to step away from your completed ms. Doing that always is difficult.


  3. Ladies,
    I hope I don’t come across sounding sexist, it is not my intent. We need your stories and more to bring issue to the refugee issue. We need your voice to be heard against the racist minority. We are a proud nation of refugees from all nations of the world. We do not want to lose the heritage which took over 200 years to develop. We…”pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” PLEASE, let us hear your voice. God Bless.

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    1. You don’t sound sexist at all, Chuck. I think it is a tough thing to balance, having our voices heard while making sure we are doing things in the best way that we can.

      I’ll probably return to this particular story at some point in the near future, but for the moment, I’m still trying to get my head on straight. It may make sense for me to turn my energies away from this type of fiction at least until I have a better idea of what I want to say. (…Though my congresspeople are still getting an earful. When they pickup the phone at any rate.)

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