Writing Week in Review: 3/4-3/10


It was such a relief to get back to my fiction this week. As some of you probably remember, I took some time away from my normal writing goals to focus on working with the literary website Book Riot. Taking the break was the right decision, but returning to my modern mythology project has been like breathing in after being under water for a moment too long.

I am an anxious writer. The longer that I am away from a project the more that I work myself into a tizzy over it. I transform whatever I am avoiding writing into an albatross. A two week break was more than enough time for me to begin worrying over my modern mythology.

Luckily as soon as I convinced my leery fingers to get back to writing, that dread drifted away. Sometimes the only way to get over anxiety is to go through it.

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5000
Total New Words for Modern Mythology: 5093

So with that, I wish you all a productive and relaxing weekend. I’ll continue poking at my writing projects, I think. It is good to feel useful again.


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