Writing Week in Review: 3/11-3/17


The brain is a strange beast. This spring mine would rather write snippets from a thousand different stories than it would focus on one.

I have a theory about that. Writing particular scenes is more rewarding on a neurological level. We want to write those portions because it feels good, feels better than good to do so. But in the end, writing is more about buckling down and focusing than it is about feeling good. Those thousand snippets still mean nothing if they never equal a full story. Though it was a bit like pulling someone’s teeth (my own), I did manage to concentrate on my modern mythology story.

Weekly Word Count Goal: 5000
Total New Words for Modern Mythology: 5170

Luckily I’ve found that the quality of my writing remains fairly consistent even if the process itself is more irregular. So three months from now I probably won’t be able to tell that I wanted to smack these sections I wrote.

I appreciate small miracles like that.


12 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 3/11-3/17

  1. You also are impressively consistent! I wish I could manage to juggle all my other claims on my time and STILL write creatively in a steady stream like that – but I can’t. Sadly. Congratulations, though:).

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