Want Your Kids to Grow Up to Be Writers? Choose These Names


It turns out that if you want your children to be writers, you should consider naming them Kate and Simon.

In 2014, Verdant Labs used public records to analyze common names by profession in the United States. They found that people with certain names are disproportionately more likely to have various careers. They based this analysis on the relative frequency of a name’s appearance rather than anything else. (Otherwise there would be an awful lot of categories featuring the name John.)

Of course name trends aren’t happenstance – job discrimination based on name is still alive and well – but the findings from Verdant Labs are interesting nonetheless. For instance, spelling makes a difference. Hanna without an ‘h’ at the end of her name is likely to be a journalist, whereas Hannah with an ‘h’ is more likely to be a poet.

Though the study looked at many job types, I’ve highlighted the most writerly of those here.

—     —     —

Journalists: Hanna, Gideon, Jonah, Alastair, Angus, Louisa

Librarians: Abigail, Margot, Nanette, Julia, Eleanor, Johanna

Poets: Edgar, Hannah, Celia, Anne, Dorothy, Edmund

Writers: Kate, Harriet, Simon, Graham, Colin, Edith, Emma, Frances, Julian, Abraham, Louise, Eleanor, Charlotte, Annie, Ian, Helen, Lucy, Alice, Edgar, Dorothy

—     —     —

Sadly, “Kristen” doesn’t appear in any of these lists, so I suppose I have to forge my own fate. But what about you? Do you see your name listed here? Shall we all change our names to Edith or Graham in hopes of achieving literary success?


24 thoughts on “Want Your Kids to Grow Up to Be Writers? Choose These Names

  1. George Eliot’s my favorite writer so this list doesn’t impress me–though I like the name Margot. I like my own name too. My mother named me after a popular cheerleader who befriended her in high school even though my mother was poor and awkward.

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  2. I’m thinking some of these names are really old…very English names. You won’t find Stephanies or Jennifers because they were popular in the 80s. Kristin is a little older, but I’m thinking that has something to do with it….I mean, look at some of them! I don’t think I have a single friend with a name besides Hannah. Maybe a Julia somewhere.

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  3. Well, my name may not be up there, but I do see my grandmother’s name listed under writers: Eleanor. Whoda thunk. :p

    Also, may I just point out how old-fashioned many of those names are. I mean, goodness. My grandmother was born almost a CENTURY ago. Hahaha!

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      1. Hmm. That is hard to say. Though, I have noticed many millenials and late generation X-ers don’t seem too keen on labeling themselves as writers. Even published authors seem to have a hard time with it. So, perhaps it is an age thing.

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