Writing Week in Review: 3/26-3/31


All of this talk about Tolkien and seeing Penguin’s guide to writing a fictional language has made me want to invent a language of my own. I won’t do it because of time, and a lack linguistic knowledge, and because my current work in progress really, really isn’t that kind of book.

But I keep thinking about it anyway.

This wouldn’t be the first time I tried to create a language. When I was around 10, I attempted to make one. Somewhere in a box of old papers, there are sheets that contain strange scripts that I painstakingly sketched out. As I recall, they are all fairly ridiculous; 10 year old me didn’t understand language construction.

Despite contemplating language construction, my writing this week all occurred in English. Which is probably for the best all things considered.

Weekly Word Count Goal: 2000
Total New Words for Modern Mythology: 2223

13 thoughts on “Writing Week in Review: 3/26-3/31

  1. I am very impressed at how consistent you are in your creative writing – my numbers tend to flutuate insanely as when I write, I tend to write quite quickly, but when editing, I cannot keep writing something else. Whereas, you seem to be able to go on ticking off your weekly goals – great stuff! How far along are you with both your projects?

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      1. ..A=.And I just spotted my typo. “Not this moth” indeed.

        I’m sorry to hear about your writer’s block. That can be one of the most frustrating things. It usually happens to me when I’m stressed about other things as well, which somehow makes it worse. I hope your brain works itself out soon!

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      2. Hee hee! I knew what you meant, and thanks! I got a pretty close writer friend (the one I’m doing Camp to support) who chatted it out with me. I’m now at 10K. 1/7 of my goal for the month. 😀 Hope that’s a good sign!

        And I hope your writing goes well this month, too.

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  2. This is a great idea! My daughter when very young, had her very own language. She made up words for all sorts of things. Some of it was due to her not being able to pronounce words correctly and she was trying to express herself, I’d be willing to bet she still remembers some of it. I remember once when she was a teen, she and I had a conversation in her toddler language, and no one else around us knew what the heck we were saying. When one of her friends asked her what we were talking like that for she turned and said, “If we wanted you to know what we were talking about and why we wouldn’t talk this way.” LOL! I love pretend language, and am working on some for my upcoming Lady MoonWalker series because there are all sorts of beings races, and disAbilities represented in it and I thought a language different from anything known would be appropriate. Thanks for yet more inspiration!

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    1. Ha! That is wonderful. I love that people find ways to communicate with each other even when they have to find new ways to do it. (And I’m interested to see what language(s) you come up with for your series! It sounds intriguing.)


  3. I have a vague recollection that I too used to play around with invented language when I was a child. Isn’t that a common childhood pastime?

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