Happy Fox Day! Here Are Some Books to Help You Celebrate


The Fox by Laura J. Cole Rollins College.PNG
Laura J. Cole, “The Fox,” Rollins College, April 8, 2008, via Flickr.

Fox Day is finally here!

“You may not know it, but there is one day every spring that is known as Fox Day. And I think we should all celebrate it.

Fox Day began in 1934 when Rollins College acquired two statues. One was of a cat, and the other was a fox. Cat and fox were friends. All was well in the world. Then tragedy struck. Someone found the cat statue and smashed it beyond repair.

Years passed.

Then one day in honor of the fox statue’s grief at the loss of his feline friend, college president Hugh McKean placed the fox statue in the middle of campus. He canceled the day’s classes and instead held games, picnics, and dances for the students. From then on, Fox Day became a tradition. Now on a particularly beautiful spring day, the Rollins College president still moves the fox statue to a place of prominence, cancels classes, and provides food and activities for the students.

Though I am far from Rollins College, I appreciate the idea behind the day. After all Fox Day is a great excuse to read some of the following fox related fiction.”

—     —     —

Head over to Book Riot to check out five pieces of foxy fiction to help you get in the mood for Fox Day (even if you have to enjoy it all by yourself).


2 thoughts on “Happy Fox Day! Here Are Some Books to Help You Celebrate

  1. I love the idea of Fox Day! And I’ll admit, I rather love foxes. One of the great things about moving to Maine has been the wildlife. We just had a little fox running through our backyard a few days ago. So. Cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m jealous! When I used to live more on the edge of town, I used to see wildlife like that all of the time. But since I’ve moved, I haven’t had the chance. You should definitely enjoy that fox a little extra on my behalf.


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