So You Want to Murder Your Husband: Stories about Poison

A Is for Arsenic

“Poison is a mainstay in mysteries and thrillers. Agatha Christie’s villains used it. Sherlock Holmes suspected it in several of his cases. And modern mysteries haven’t let poisons disappear. No, something about the subtlety of a deadly bane captures the human imagination. Is a servant trying to slip a nefarious concoction into the king’s wine? Is that housewife secretly dousing her soufflé in something that will kill her husband? Is the smallest student trying to do away with his teacher? The beauty of poison is that we never know until too late.

To celebrate our continued fascination with belladonna, arsenic, cyanide, and hemlock, here is a list of five nonfiction books that reveal the secrets behind poisons. Their stories span the centuries from ancient Athenian trials to villainy at modern wineries. Each of them tells us something about the deadliness of the world around us. Each of them also tells us something about the lethality of man.”

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Head over to Book Riot to check out the complete list. There are some great books on it!


17 thoughts on “So You Want to Murder Your Husband: Stories about Poison

  1. It’s always struck me as a particularly heartless way to kill someone – especially if done over a period of time as you must watch their suffering and gradual decline.

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    1. The history of poisons is fascinating because the people who use it tend to fall into two groups. The first are the people you mentioned: those who are callous, a bit sociopathic. The others are different: those without the physical or social power to escape situations. (Which is where you get a fair number of wives killing their husbands and slaves killing their owners.)

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