Friday Quick Quote: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘This Side of Paradise’

“What a wonderful song, she thought – everything was wonderful tonight, most of all this romantic scene in the den with their hands clinging and the inevitable looming charmingly close. The future vista of her life seemed an unending succession of scenes like this: under moonlight and pale starlight, and in the backs of warm limousines and in low cozy roadsters stopped under sheltering trees – only the boy might change, and this one was so nice.”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

This Side of Paradise Fizgerald.jpg

11 thoughts on “Friday Quick Quote: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘This Side of Paradise’

  1. I played “Amory Blaine” in a college production of this play at the University of Chicago in 1999. It was adapted to the stage. I think the director added some of her own stuff. What is hard to imagine it how avant-garde the interpolated dialogue was for the day. By far, this is Fitzgerald’s most artistically experimental novel.

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    1. Oh, that is wonderful! It is always fascinating to me how interpretations of a writer’s style change. Though I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me. Language is constantly evolving after all. What once seemed revolutionary often simply becomes part of ‘the way things are written’.


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