Libraries May Not Be Defunded After All, But They Are Still in Danger

Reading Room
The Indiana State Library, via Kristen Twardowski

“Earlier this year President Trump threatened to defund public libraries. First the library community responded with horror. Then people rallied by protesting, contacting legislators, and highlighting the ways that libraries serve places across the United States. It looks like all of that hard work has paid off. Despite the threat, libraries may receive funding after all.

While determining the U.S. government’s budget for fiscal year 2018, a subgroup of the House Appropriations Committee voted to recommend that libraries receive the same amount of funding that they received for fiscal year 2017. This a huge step and would mean that:

  • The Institute of Museum and Library Services would get around $231 million
  • About $183 million would go towards the Library Services and Technology Act
  • And the Innovative Approaches to Literacy program would have access to about $27 million

Of course there is still a long road ahead. In the coming days, the main House Appropriations Committee will vote on the full budget proposal. And there is a chance that this larger group will ignore the subcommittee’s recommendation.”

To help make sure that doesn’t happen, head over to Book Riot to see what you can do to support the continued federal funding of U.S. libraries.

21 thoughts on “Libraries May Not Be Defunded After All, But They Are Still in Danger

  1. Best of luck with this campaign. We had some knuckle-grazing hooligans this side of the pond proposing closing our public library system here in the UK. Fortunately a lot of folks protested very loudly at such a development and it has gone quiet. Though I don’t suppose they are safe…

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  2. It’s such a shame that the current administration seems so bent on destroying things that make America America. The public library system is not just important, but integral to this country. I hope their funding isn’t taken away. Thanks for the update. I didn’t realize there was any sort of progress.

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    1. One of the most…interesting aspects of the current political climate is how many decisions seem to be flying under the radar. With everything there is to report on, updates about funding seem to fall through the cracks.

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      1. Yes. As tough as it is, I spend lots of time trying to find out what’s being underreported and pushed through because of the other distractions. It’s a mess. I appreciate what you’re doing and good luck.

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  3. Wishing you all the best in this endeavor. Books(libraries) are such awesome places of transformation of lives. Even with the advent of Internet, the library should still be an integral part of our lives. I say that because most of the information we need now is just a click away on our mobile device.

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    1. Libraries really do still make a difference. In addition to their physical collections, the offer more and more ebooks and other digital materials, and it is amazing the way they adapt to suit changes in technology.

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