The Spiral of Personal Branding

Writers are told time and time again that in the age of the internet we need to have a personal brand, put ourselves out there, sell our works. Sometimes all of this pressure to be a brand rather than a person can be a bit overwhelming, so I want to share a quick article that made me laugh. Matthew Schmid’s tongue-in cheek article, “I Love You, But Our Happiness Doesn’t Fit My Personal Brand’s Narrative Strategy”, pokes fun at branding gone a step too far.

As it says, “I’ve noticed that you’ve been a little upset about my recent social media output, particularly the tweet, “Oh my god, will the loneliness never end? #ImMiserable” which, as you deftly noticed, was tweeted during our second anniversary dinner date. As my significant other, you have every right to be upset. But, as I’ve said many times: I love you, but our happiness doesn’t fit my personal brand narrative strategy.”

If you find personal branding a heinous, stressful concept, take a deep breath and remember that at least you aren’t the narrator of that article.


20 thoughts on “The Spiral of Personal Branding

  1. That was brilliant, and true. I’m very lucky that my marketing strategy for my blog and upcoming book involves my wife. In writing self-deprecating humor, I’m kind of a clumsy nerd, and goofball. My wife is sharp and confidant, and keeps me in my place, when I start going off the rails. Thanks for a good read.

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    1. Personal branding does seem to work out the best when it incorporates the genuine parts of people’s lives. If aspects of a person have to be entirely hidden or lied about…well, that hardly is sustainable.


  2. This gave me a good laugh. I’ve despised the expansion of the word “brand” to include people and their actions. The world would be a far more productive place if people spent their time taking action instead of “building a platform” or “strategic brand alignment”.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go write a blog post about the 10 Best Ways to Market Your Novel. 🙂

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    1. Ha! I’m sure your post will be a stellar one.

      The expansion of personal branding is exhausting. In some cases, that platform creation does seem to be their main goal rather than any other project.


      1. I think the proliferation of DIY tools for blogging and social media, along with cottage industries promoting “building an author brand and platform” have a lot of writers putting the cart before the horse.

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