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Archive Adventure: ‘Tales from Catland’

Periodically I like to share the strange, fascinating, and often rare books that live in library archives. Today I’ve found one that will make you absolutely purr with pleasure. Tales from Catland: Written for Kittens by an Old Tabby was produced by Tabitha Grimalkin and was, as far as I can tell, originally published in 1852. The cover… Continue reading Archive Adventure: ‘Tales from Catland’


Weird Libraries: The Case of the Steak Sauce Bottles

As those of you who have worked in libraries know, patrons often do strange things. Something about the smell of books inspires people to act differently than they otherwise would. Avon Lake Public Library in Ohio is currently dealing with one patron doing just that. Starting in January, the staff began to find A.1. Sauce… Continue reading Weird Libraries: The Case of the Steak Sauce Bottles

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And Then They Murdered Jane Austen

When I say that they murdered Jane Austen, I’m not speaking metaphorically. Some person in the distant past didn’t simply eviscerate her work. No, I mean that a few scholars believe that someone poisoned Jane Austen. With arsenic. According to research from the British Library, Jane Austen’s death at the age of 41, her early… Continue reading And Then They Murdered Jane Austen

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A Bus Stop for Book Lovers

Apparently I am on something of an architecture kick. In addition to finding one of the most incredible library parking garages in the world, I’ve discovered a stellar bus stop. Those are words I never thought I would type. When bus stops come to mind, I typically don’t think of anything extraordinary. The stop nearest… Continue reading A Bus Stop for Book Lovers

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A Magnificent Library Parking Garage

Outside of the American Midwest, most people would not expect to find exceptional library design in Kansas City, Missouri. If they went to downtown Kansas City, however, those people might be surprised. Back in 2003 and 2004, the Kansas City Public Library Board of Trustees decided to transform the Library District Parking Garage into a giant… Continue reading A Magnificent Library Parking Garage

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Secrets on My Bookshelf

Have you ever wondered what secrets lie on my bookshelves? Perhaps not! But if you are interested in seeing what bits of fantasy, poetry, and stuffed animals guard my smallest bedroom, check out my guest post on author and blogger extraordinaire D.S. Nelson’s site. “In spite of the fact that I spent years working in… Continue reading Secrets on My Bookshelf

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What Can Old Books Tell Us about the History of Printing?

Originally posted on University of Glasgow Library:
Both of these early printed books could have been printed on the same size sheets of paper When you look at an old printed book you’re not really looking at a single book but a series of smaller ‘booklets’ joined together. Books weren’t printed one page at a time but…