How Books Get Reviews in the New York Times

Readers and writers really like to talk about the importance of book reviews, but many of these discussions revolve around Amazon and Goodreads. In places like that, reviews are fairly democratic; anyone, assuming they meet a few basic criteria, can write about a book. But how do reviews end up in more discriminating locations? How does a… Continue reading How Books Get Reviews in the New York Times


What to Do with Goodreads

Goodreads is the largest book review website on the internet. As of April 2017, it had 55 million members who wrote 50 million reviews and added 1.5 billion books. According to Quantcast, a website ranking and data collection site, around 400,000 unique visitors access the Goodreads each day from all around the world. Those numbers are… Continue reading What to Do with Goodreads


Reading in a Time of Twitter

Though the book blogger community is filled with wordy people, a lot of its communication is restricted to 140 characters. That’s because of a lot of it happens on Twitter. There, people share reading ideas, have discussions about books, chat with authors, and dozens of more things besides. And I haven’t been participating in any… Continue reading Reading in a Time of Twitter


The Ghosts in Our Walls: History and Tales from the Haunted South

There are ghosts in the walls of old houses. They roam abandoned plantations. They float down the side streets of southern cities on sticky, sultry summer nights. That is what the dark tourism industry would have us believe at any rate. Dark tourism is travel that is steeped in suffering of one sort or another. In… Continue reading The Ghosts in Our Walls: History and Tales from the Haunted South


Library Ladies and Guest Posts

Have you ever wondered what librarians do when they aren’t working? The answer may not surprise you; they read books. Loads of them. Piles. Stacks as big as an elephant. I’ve recently had the pleasure of collaborating with two such voracious librarians at The Library Ladies. Kate and Serena  were kind enough to invite me to… Continue reading Library Ladies and Guest Posts


When Critical Reviews are the Best Kind

Sometimes I read a review that expresses such passionate hatred for a book that I can’t help but want to read more. Perhaps I am alone in that response. Now, I enjoy literary novels – I read a lot of folks like Margaret Atwood and Alan Moore – but occasionally my mind requires a different… Continue reading When Critical Reviews are the Best Kind

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NetGalley Access for Self-Publishers

Many of us are familiar with NetGalley and its ability to get advanced reading copies of books into the hands of reviewers, but what opportunities does an individual author have for partnering with NetGalley? NetGalley’s primary goal is to act as an online service connecting book publishers, reviewers, bloggers, and librarians. It facilitates the transfer… Continue reading NetGalley Access for Self-Publishers

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Resources for Writers: Calibre

For many independent writers, one of the most difficult aspects of self-publishing is ensuring that readable versions of their manuscripts make it into the hands of readers. Calibre, an open source (i.e. free) ebook library management system makes the process of digitizing books a little easier. Calibre began back back in October 2006 – it… Continue reading Resources for Writers: Calibre


Language, Longing, and Shakespeare: Margaret Atwood’s ‘Hag-Seed’

I don’t often  review books – reviews aren’t the main purpose of this blog after all – but when I had the opportunity to explore an advanced reading copy of Margaret Atwood’s new book Hag-Seed, I knew that I had to write one. You don’t ignore Margaret Atwood. Atwood and I have a long, sordid history.… Continue reading Language, Longing, and Shakespeare: Margaret Atwood’s ‘Hag-Seed’