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When Book Covers Fail Characters

Book covers are bizarre little monsters. Maybe they have to be because they straddle so many different roles. A cover has to reflect a book’s unique facets, but it also has to fit into the standards for a genre. It has to have aesthetically interesting qualities, but it also has to make readers want to… Continue reading When Book Covers Fail Characters

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Writing Week in Review: 10/15-10/21

This week has been all about balance. As I’ve continued the editing process, I’ve tried to create some degree of equity in terms of character arcs and POV word counts. I don’t think that POVs need to have perfectly matching word counts, but I do believe that different characters need comparable amounts of screen time.… Continue reading Writing Week in Review: 10/15-10/21

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Naming Your Darlings: A Guide to Character Names

When I was young, names fascinated me. That interest did not translate into a talent for actually naming creatures. (After all, I called my first pet, a very adorable Teddy Bear Hamster, “Teddy”. Not a terribly inspired choice.) Despite my increases in age and, theoretically, wisdom, I have not improved my ability to name people,… Continue reading Naming Your Darlings: A Guide to Character Names