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Writing Announcement: Let’s Start a Riot

As I mentioned last week, I stumbled into an interesting opportunity. It turns out that I can share more about that now. I recently accepted a position as a contributing author for Book Riot. Book Riot is an awesome online media site that “is dedicated to the idea that writing about books and reading should be… Continue reading Writing Announcement: Let’s Start a Riot


Untranslatable: Words Writers Should Know

The English language may be absurd and magical, but it also fails to capture the entire nuance of human experience. Other languages, however, can fill in some of those gaps. Tim Lomas, a lecturer in positive psychology at the University of East London, has compiled a lists of those words that English lacks. Some of… Continue reading Untranslatable: Words Writers Should Know


5 Tips to Ensure Your Editor Doesn’t Hate You

Some time after receiving the first round of edits, a writer may wonder whether or not her editor hates her. Surely, the theory goes, if her editor liked her, the suggested changes wouldn’t be so terrible. The good news is that receiving extensive edits from an editor does not mean that an editor hates a… Continue reading 5 Tips to Ensure Your Editor Doesn’t Hate You


Writing Week in Review: 2/11-2/17

Last week I mentioned that I write in a scattered manner and pluck scenes from various places in the story. This week I continued that pattern and focused on writing the ending of my current work in progress. It hardly seemed to matter that I haven’t written all of the story’s innards yet; my brain… Continue reading Writing Week in Review: 2/11-2/17


On Love and Letters: Writing for Those You Know

Though I write with terrifying frequency, I fail at an essential type of writing; letters make me fumble. They cause me to be tongue-tied and stuttery. Cards that I give to friends and family are inevitably filled with long spaces and smudges where I have paused to think or where I have decided that a… Continue reading On Love and Letters: Writing for Those You Know


Writing Week in Review: 2/4-2/10

Writing is like constructing a jigsaw puzzle. For me, it is at any rate. Though I know the most efficient method is to find the corner pieces, put together the edges, and then, only then, begin working on the insides, sometimes I can’t help myself. Sometimes I begin constructing the puzzle in the wrong way.… Continue reading Writing Week in Review: 2/4-2/10